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DocsInk's award winning Chronic Care Management platform is the first choice for PCPs and Outsourced CCM Companies.

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Condition Based Care Protocols

26 Conditions with best of care protocols configurable to your style of care or the care of your providers. Log live patient sessions with instant complexity of billing feedback.

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Team Based Care

With DocsInk's Collaborative Chronic Care Management platform, each of your team member's time is aggregated for billing generation each calendar month.

Real Time Billing Assessment

Each patient has a real-time level of complexity and billing level preview for at a glance patient management. Track your team's daily work and manage your patients that need more assistance.

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Performance Metrics

Have up to the minute understanding of the performance of your chronic care management program with our charting dashboard.

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CMS FHIR Based Careplan

Track medications, goals, preventives and conditions with DocsInk's FHIR based CMS Careplan. The careplan can be printed, shared, and automatically transmitted to all stakeholders, meeting the Medicare requirements for a qualified Chronic Care Management program.

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