A HIPAA compliant secure desktop and mobile messenger that creates efficiencies in your healthcare organization and makes your users happy.

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Let's watch a real conversation from our desktop app to mobile app. A very typical healthcare wokflow, the users share an image file and discuss a consult. In this workflow you’ll see DocsInk use these features.

  • Direct Message Private Chats
  • Shared Files
  • Commented Files
  • @ User Shouts
  • Attached Consults
  • Accept or Decline Messages
  • Pinned Messages
  • Emoji Reactions and Responses

This workflow is common for, but not limited to:
Hospitals, Multi-Facility Clinics, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Dentistry, and consulting organizations.

Simply the best.

A messenger to serve the unique needs of healthcare organizations, both large and small.


Public and private groups

Your teams need to be able to communicate privately, but your teams need to be accessible to your public organization. Create a public facing group that allows everyone to communicate with your team and a private team-group that allows you to manage internal and more discrete team communication.

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Pager replacement messaging

When you need to get hold of someone and know that they've seen your message, you need DocsInk. Our Critical Alert Messaging allows you to send a message with an Acknowledgement button that will persistently notify the user until they've acknowledged it. Full reporting and tracking gives you the reporting you need to know who's sending the messages and who's responding to the messages.

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Attach patient profiles

If you need to discuss a patient, sending only their name is only telling half the story. DocsInk allows you to attach a patient profile directly to the message. The patient profile can contain files, images, careteam information or health history. Sending a profile gives you all the information your caregiver's need and you can track for auditing purposes.

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User based privileges

DocsInk is the most robust messaging tool available to healthcare today. Our industry leading user access management allows simple administration of user access to features. This ensures that your doctors, IT, billing staff, information desk, and patient intake personnel only have access to the features they need, supporting all of your compliance initiatives and requirements.

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Healthcare Messaging is Easy with DocsInk

Consult Tracking

Attach patients to messages with an Accept or Decline option. Track throughput or track your incoming referrals from external organizations.

Video Conferencing

Click to call from your desktop, browser or mobile device and have a live video conference with one person or an entire group of people.

Pin, React, Edit, Delete, or Share

Talk the way you do every day. Keep items top of mind by pinning, react with emojis, edit a message or delete it, or share with a group or user.

Rapid Response Groups

Group messaging that can be public or private that pages the users with Acknowledgement alerts for emergency events.

Call Group Scheduling

Place users on call for shifts and time periods and allow users to communicate and see On Call Users internally and externally.

Broadcast Groups

Send important real-time notifications and messages to your organization for lockdowns or closures that don't allow replies.


DocsInk is currently used in specific departments, hospital-wide, or hospital network-wide

Dentist Offices

Dentist offices use DocsInk to share information with front and back services and to share patient referrals to specialists

Multi-Specialty Clinics

DocsInk helps larger clinics with 100-1,000 users need a way to segment departments, specialties and roles across their organization.

Home Health Companies

DocsInk addresses unique challenges that present when you have a mobile workforce interacting with patients outside the office.

Surgical Facilities

DocsInk assists internal and external communication and patient profiles for large document management.

Primary Care Clinics

PCPs are the lifeblood of patient care in the community. DocsInk helps them with ToC, Admissions, and Discharges of their patients.

Thousands of healthcare providers trust DocsInk every day with millions of patient messages yearly.

Scott Lehrman

During the time we’ve been using DocsInk for secure messaging, we’ve seen over 400% increase in revenue, with an equally positive impact on our internal efficiencies.

Bill Sanjay

Wow. This is just an impressive messenger. We are just scratching the surface with it and our team loves it.


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